Our Approach

Unlike traditional utilities that offer cookie cutter solutions, we customize your energy supply strategy. Every
business is different, and no two energy strategies are going to be the same. That’s why our first step in every new
client relationship is to execute a comprehensive energy requirements evaluation. This gives us the knowledge we need
to create your custom energy strategy and then match you to the perfect supplier.

  • Strategic Sourcing
    Strategic Sourcing

    Deregulated energy markets involve many variables. Purchasing energy at the most favorable price is not as simple as submitting an RFP and awarding the lowest bidder. To maximize value, it’s important to identify reliable energy providers that are eager to earn your business.   At Stanwich, we carefully vet each supplier and evaluate them based on a number of important indicators such as:

    • Creditworthiness
    • Financial strength
    • Product offerings
    • Price competitiveness
    • Additional services provided (online portals, etc.)
    • Credit requirements
    • Load capacity
    • Customer service and responsiveness
    • Assets owned
    • Long-term viability
    • Ease of billing and track record for reliable billing

    At Stanwich, we put over a decade of industry experience to work for our clients each and every day to help achieve the best possible outcome.  We understand what drives pricing in each region and how to capture opportunities when they occur. Our forward-thinking philosophy allows us to accurately forecast changes in the market so we can be pro-active and not re-active. By taking a more calculated approach, we ensure you’re hedged from price volatility to lessen the unwelcome exposure to price volatility and help accomplish your budgetary goals and objectives.

  • Purchasing Strategy
    Purchasing Strategy

    As conditions change in the energy market, windows of opportunity are frequently opening and closing. Energy ranks as one of the most volatile commodities in the world.  In order to keep track of the moving pieces, it takes time, dedication, and the ability to process large quantities of information. When you engage Stanwich Energy to work as your advisor, you get the benefit of our resources and experience so that you can stay well-informed.  However, this information is only beneficial if you know how and when to seize upon it.  We provide clear guidance and recommendations that enable you to act on opportunities.  Our best-in-class market analytics tool gives you the confidence to know that you are buying the best energy products at any given moment.

    Simply allowing the contract expiration or fiscal calendar determine when you’re buying power is a flawed strategy that can lead to missed opportunities. We analyze the markets and proactively forecast change, rather than reacting to the change when it happens.

    At Stanwich, we provide valuable time-sensitive information through our proprietary market analytics tool, which provides real-time insight and guidance that enable our clients to take action.   We utilize this information to formulate specific energy purchasing strategies and recommendations for your business.


    Important developments that influence future energy prices include:

    • New construction of natural gas pipelines or electric power generation sites
    • Regulatory modifications and updates
    • New energy sustainability initiatives
    • Short and long term weather forecasts
    • Significant movement in the wholesale natural gas, electric, and oil markets
    • Changes in delivery costs for your specific utility
  • Procurement Services
    Procurement Services

    Stanwich offers procurement services for the following energy products:

    • Electricity
    • Natural gas
    • Fuel oil
    • Green power / RECs
    • Demand response programs

    We analyze these commodities by utilizing our proprietary price-forecasting model built on statistical analysis of market fundamentals.


  • Online Tracking
    Online Tracking

    As a Stanwich Energy client, you can easily access your energy and environmental data with StanWatch EnergyTrac, our customizable online energy management and sustainability platform. This comprehensive reporting platform offers secure, fast and easy access to important information your organization can use to successfully meet your energy management goals.

    StanWatch EnergyTrac provides a robust set of tools that help you analyze and report your company’s energy expenditures. You will have access to cost and usage data on a multitude of levels.  Whether you need an aggregated report that covers all sites or location-by-location breakdown, our software can furnish what you need. Sophisticated graphs, data, and other important information is delivered at your convenience.

    Key Benefits

    • Improve the efficiency of your buildings and reduce energy costs
    • Track bills and utility information to identify usage and cost abnormalities
    • Generate detailed reports and graphs on use and cost by specific meter or building
    • Track greenhouse gas emissions and other important environmental metrics
    • Organize all of your utility data in a central platform
    • View year-to-year energy spend comparisons to better forecast your budget

    The best way to experience the benefits of the StanWatch EnergTrac platform is via a live demonstration. To request a demo, click here.

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