We aspire to be the best, not the biggest. Our team is focused on serving our clients and adding value to their businesses. Our energy purchasing strategies are designed to manage risk and to get the lowest possible price for
your energy. Utilizing real-time energy data, we formulate an energy purchasing plan based on your actual requirements, and act as your trusted partner throughout the process.

  • Energy Procurement
    Energy Procurement

    Let Stanwich Energy help you gain control over volatile energy prices by formulating and applying a comprehensive energy purchasing strategy designed specifically for your business.

    With the deregulation of energy markets, it has become necessary for businesses of every size to take an active management approach to their electricity supply.  The simple fact is that there are a lot of options, and not all of them are right for every business.  Purchasing energy requires a deep understanding of the various elements that make up your energy price.  This includes commodity markets as well as pending legislative / regulatory changes, modifications to ancillary costs, pipeline expansion projects, contract terms and conditions and other important variables that have influence over what you ultimately pay.  With the market in constant flux, a customer’s energy spend can be profoundly influenced by things that they have little or no control over.  Consumers must have an answer for the following questions – when should we buy, how long should our contract be and what product is best for our business?

    Above all else, we believe that the timing of your purchase is paramount.  Energy costs are becoming increasingly volatile, which creates unique challenges when it comes to making the right decision.  At Stanwich, we relentlessly monitor market conditions, communicate with some of the largest energy commodity hedge funds and suppliers and evaluate market moving developments, so we can help our clients capture opportunities and maximize the value of their energy supply agreements.

    Unlike traditional utilities and many of our competitors that offer cookie cutter solutions, we customize your energy supply strategy.  Every business has different requirements, and no two energy strategies ought to be the same. That’s why our first step in every new client relationship is to execute a comprehensive energy requirement evaluation. This gives us the knowledge we need to match you to the perfect supplier along with the optimal contract terms.

    Most of our competitors will sign a client to a contract and move on to chase the next deal. But what if the market changes? What if there are now more favorable conditions? With Stanwich you get a strategic partner that is always looking out for your bottom line.

  • Optimization & Analysis
    Optimization & Analysis

    Improve your bottom line by engaging Stanwich Energy to conduct a thorough review of available rates, tarrifs, and billing components.

    Rate Class / Tariff Review: Between 40 and 60 percent of your monthly energy bill is made up of tariffs and ancillary charges. Managing these costs effectively is difficult because many local utility companies have multiple tariffs. These tariffs and other non-commodity charges are frequently changing. Unfortunately, there are no laws in place that force utilities to automatically place customers on the most cost effective rate class. In fact, most utility companies will not notify customers that their property is qualified for a more favorable rate class. By engaging Stanwich Energy to investigate these options, clients are assured that they’re not spending more than they should. Our team will assess all options available to your business.

    Additionally, we can help you understand how making minor adjustments to your daily operations can result in significant cost savings on capacity costs and delivery demand charges.

    Identifying Savings Opportunities: By accounting for change in weather patterns, our analysts can identify year-over-year spikes in energy usage that could be caused by broken or failing equipment. With a quick phone call between our analysts and your site staff, we can identify the issue and recommend next steps to get the building’s usage back on track.

    End-Use Analysis: Using a regression analysis, we aim to keep you informed about how your building is using its energy. Whether it is for heating, cooling, lighting, plug loads, or hot water, our team will present you with the facts so that you understand how energy is being consumed at your property.


  • Risk Management
    Risk Management


    Our approach to risk management combines a multitude of proven techniques.  These include utilizing daily technical analysis, which helps determine the timing of your purchase, the length of your contract, the best product option, and other elements within your preferred risk parameters. We explain the energy markets and help you learn how to successfully manage your energy costs.  Throughout the process, we  review and evaluate your historic energy consumption to get a better understanding of your requirements, now and in the future.

    Most people use contract expiration dates as their deadline to enter into a new supply agreement.  This is a flawed strategy.  Our team provides ongoing support and identifies buying opportunities by constantly monitoring the market trends to determine the best time to secure your next supply contract.  Timing your purchase is paramount.  Our proactive approach allows you to capitalize on market opportunities when they occur.

    Executing an energy risk management program can safeguard your company from adverse financial impacts.  The most effective programs apply forward-looking market analysis and use that data in conjunction with your specific risk profile.

    With Stanwich Energy’s customized strategy, you can effectively mitigate risk through tailored recommendations based on measurable data. We help our customers by offering multiple services that include:

    • Comprehensive reporting:  Your accounts are tracked and audited monthly to ensure contract compliance. Our reports will help you budget your energy expenses, understand changes in your usage and demand profiles and help you plan for the future. We continually measure the success of our suggestions against market performance and budgetary goals.
    • Market analysis: We  provide monthly reports that highlight the most important developments in the energy industry. We also provide timely notices of regulatory changes to keep you up-to-date and informed.
    • Tailored strategy and recommendations:  We carefully listen to our clients so we can understand their objectives.  Our objective is to steer your energy management strategy so that it aligns with your goals. Our team of advisors will work one-on-one with your organization to communicate and implement the best approach that fits your unique profile. We keep you informed of all current positions and any outstanding opportunities through regular calls and custom reports.
  • Tracking & Reporting
    Tracking & Reporting

    For many organizations, energy is the most controllable operating expense.   However, if you don’t manage your energy costs, you cannot control them. Our energy platform tracks your utility bills, spots errors, produces energy sustainability reports, and helps you manage all of your important energy information. By utilizing StanWatch monitoring capabilities, our system can:

    • Identify and eliminate billing errors
    • Determine greenhouse gas emissions
    • Automatically obtain Energy Star building ratings
    • Streamline energy accounting, budgeting, accruals, and bill payment
    • Track smart meter interval data and meter readings
    • Recognize inefficient facilities through peer benchmarking
    • Track performance through reports
    • Create charge-backs via sub-meter readings, percentage splits, and formulas
    • Create EDI and paper utility invoices
    • Prepare and submit compliance benchmarking for local laws, energy programs, or financing requirements

    And our reporting doesn’t end with these services. Have you ever wondered if the contract you signed was a good deal? Did you save money and choose the right product option? At Stanwich, we continue to track the performance of your supply agreements against the various other options that were available at the time of execution so you know if our recommendation and your choice was the right one.

    Stanwich Energy will also prepare annual energy budgets for your business. Our team utilizes data collected from your exact location that includes building specific metrics such as occupancy and use (e.g. data center, general office, cold storage, etc.), historical weather trends and projections from the NOAA and CPC, and pending regulatory changes.

  • Bill Auditing
    Bill Auditing

    Billing errors are not unusual.   They range in severity from barely noticeable to a major discovery.  We’ve seen it all from ESCO’s overbilling clients, to erroneous demand charges and inaccurate tariffs. Our team will inspect your invoices each month to ensure that both the utility and your ESCO are billing you accurately… and that you’re not spending a dime more than you should.   Our auditing service identifies and resolves billing errors by verifying the actual statement against our recalculation of the charge. We will identify and immediately resolve any issues on your behalf, and will work with utilities and suppliers to prevent future errors.

    Contact us to learn how our bill auditing process ensures that you pay what you should.

    Stuck in a contract? Let us help.

    Companies that seek to lock you into a long-term consulting contracts to keep your business are simply afraid you’ll find a better value elsewhere. We know we’re the best in the business and we’re committed to providing you great value month after month. That’s why we’ll never push you to sign a long-term contract. And if you’re currently stuck in one, we’ll try our best to rectify the situation.  Contact us for more information.

  • Credit Negotiation
    Credit Negotiation

    Energy suppliers seek lines of credit to cover positions taken on behalf of your business in the forward market. These positions can often carry considerable risk for the supplier due to the volatile nature of the electricity and natural gas markets.

    Energy suppliers have become increasingly demanding when reviewing a potential customer’s credit. Even customers with good credit may be faced with strict performance assurance provisions and collateral requirements.  Credit approval can be a hurdle and a source of contention, leading to missed opportunities in the market and complicating an already intricate process.  Given the strength of our supplier relationships, Stanwich will negotiate the most favorable possible collateral arrangement.  In almost every instance, we are able to eliminate upfront deposit costs.

    As a premier energy consulting firm with expert level proficiency in contract credit requirements, Stanwich Energy can guide your company.  Our objective is to arrange satisfactory terms that cover the length of your agreement. Our company can:

    • Manage costs by eliminating or negotiating reduced deposits, letter of credit and prepayments.
    • Evaluate the merit of collateral requests and make recommendations on moving forward.
    • Use our relationships with suppliers as leverage to offer better options.
    • Discover credit alternatives to meet the objectives of both parties.
    • Ensure the process is streamlined and opportunities are not missed.
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